…and if You’re not from Italy…

Novara is a quiet little Italian town near Milan. (At the end of this page You can find a link to GoogleMaps).
It is situated in a strategical place, that allows to reach very easily many rivers.
“Our rivers” Ticino and Sesia are widely considered among the most attractive for paddling and whitewater sports , and they offer both easy and difficult portions, suitable for everyone.
Other rivers in the area offer an even wider range of whitewater features, and make this part of Italy one of the most interesting as far as kayak activities are concerned.
We, in “Canoa Club Novara”, are always happy to “paddle” with people who can enrich our human spirit, so, if you come here, do not hesitate to contact and join us for a great whitewater experience.
Throughout our history we have been paddling with fellows coming from Wales, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand and many other parts of the world. We hope they have enjoyed a taste of the legendary Italian hospitality.
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